• Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL ADVISORS Ltd – (Q-PLAN) (Coordinator) - Greece

    Q-PLAN is an innovation and management consulting company that focuses its activities in: a) providing hands-on support to R&D and innovation strategies, as well as the implementation of their international networking and/or knowledge transfer activities; b) designing, coordinating and implementing EU-funded research projects, support actions and policy studies; c) Development and implementation of management systems according to respective standards and regulations.


    Overall Q-PLAN group employs more than 20 highly-skilled personnel, while it retains an extensive network at both national and European level of RTD&I actors (research/technological organisations and institutes, large industries, innovative SMEs) intermediaries (industrial associations, SME clusters, formal and informal network, etc.) and policy advisors (experts in various fields acting as consultants for policy making process at regional national and European level).


    Main role in DANDELION:

    Q-PLAN is responsible for the coordination and management of the project. In addition, Q-PLAN will coordinate the tasks related to the screening & mining of EU-funded inclusive, innovative and reflective societies projects and will be responsible for the organisation of the Barcamp and the Thematic workshop in Greece.

  • LOBA - Portugal

    LOBA is a business and marketing consulting company based in Portugal with branches in Angola (Africa) and Brazil (South America). Established in 2000, LOBA has more than 35 qualified staff members, including senior executives, consultants, researchers, designers and programmers.


    LOBA is specialised in delivering the following services: dissemination and communication services including marketing activities, exploitation of results and technology watch (from planning and organising to directing and controlling), consultancy services in the definition and implementation of innovation strategies in organisations (i.e. innovation processes, organisational development, technology and innovation audits), and, last but not least, management services including project management, financial management, reporting, quality and risk management.


    Main role in DANDELION:

    LOBA will be responsible for leading out the activities related with dissemination and communication of the project. Furthermore, LOBA will actively participate in the communication and dissemination actions related to fostering the dialogue cooperation among key stakeholders and the advanced communication services to be provided to selected inclusive, innovative and reflective societies projects. Last but not least, LOBA will organize a thematic workshop and a barcamp in Portugal.


    FVA is an Italian SME operating since 1990 in the field of new media communication and advanced ICT for research and organizations contexts. Since 1998 FVA is involved in EU co-financed research projects as technical partner specialized in ICT solutions for learning, health, social innovation and security; Games and Gamification solutions, HCI and interface design; 3D design and animation; dissemination material creation.

    Main role in DANDELION:

    FVA will lead the activities related to “fostering dialogue cooperation among key socio-economic stakeholders” WP, ensuring that the relevant stakeholders and key players will be involved in the DANDELION multidisciplinary Community promoting the cooperation among them.


    FVA will contribute actively to the “creation of the content of the e-Library” designing the promotional material to disseminate the contents related to the SSH research projects.


    FVA will participate to the task related to “social Media Game and online marketing activities” and will be the main developer. The results of this task will be the design and the implementation of the games and APPs.


    Last but not least FVA will participate actively in local dissemination activities, being responsible for the Dissemination and Communication activities, workshop and events that will take place in Italy.


    Insight Publishers Ltd is a specialist communications agency with specific expertise in research dissemination and the development of successful exploitation strategies. Insight has produced full impact strategies as work package leader on several FP7 projects and has delivered many individual dissemination services to 100s more projects.


    Insight has worked extensively within all thematic areas of covered by the European Institutions, in FP6, FP7, the ERC, EUREKA, COST and national research councils across Europe and has specialist staff available to deliver effective dissemination specific to this arena. Insight also has an exhaustive database of relevant contacts and subscribers, of just over 42,000, and so is able to create, manage and exploit large networks of relevant stakeholders.


    Main role in DANDELION:

    IPL will be responsible for the development of Dandelion’s online collaborative platform that will provide a portal for the dissemination of project results to a wide audience, but will also promote collaboration amongst researchers themselves, as well as interaction between researchers and other stakeholders from a multi-disciplinary policy perspective and focusing on innovation, inclusion and growth, valorising the impact of research findings.


    Based in Slovakia, PEDAL Consulting is a private Slovak consultancy specialising in business development through all its phases. In the course of 6 years, the company managed to establish long-term relationships with European and international associations and companies, and contributed significantly to the creation and growth of Slovak entrepreneurs. PEDAL Consulting has direct interaction with many enterprises. These are mainly SMEs performing their activities at local, regional, national but also international level.


    Main role in DANDELION:

    PEDAL will lead activities dealing with the Advanced Communication Services to on-going inclusive, innovative and reflective societies projects. In particular, PEDAL will coordinate online marketing activities including social media games. The company will coordinate the organisation of BarCamps and thematic charretes which will be organised by each partner at least once during the duration of the project.


    Goethe University Frankfurt bears the internationally renowned tradition of Critical Theory of the “Frankfurt School” (Adorno, Horkheimer, Habermas etc.). Currently, it attracts more than 35.000 students and is the centre of several interdisciplinary research areas and international collaborations, as well as of three national Clusters of Excellence.


    The Institute of Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences is the largest of its kind in Germany, with 19 professorships and is distinguished through innovative research on global issues of fair governance, new forms of democracy, as well as of security and conflict. The Institute is the centre of political science teaching and research in Frankfurt. The Institute’s research activities are grouped into four key areas: Normative and Conceptual Foundations of Politics, Democracy and State, World Society, World Development and World Order including Peace and Conflict Research, and Didactics of Social Sciences.


    Main role in DANDELION

    The Goethe University Frankfurt is actively involved in the activities related to the valorisation methodology for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies research, where it leads task “dimensions and criteria for fostering  societal  impact  out  of  inclusive,  innovative  and  reflective  societies  research”,  the “evaluation of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies performance in tackling Grand Challenges: Best Cases”, and the “elaboration of a multi-sectoral/multi-disciplinary valorisation concept for sustainable inclusive, innovative and reflective societies uptake”.


    Additionally, GUF also leads task related to the methodological framework for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies projects benchmarking”, the task “promoting productive interactions among stakeholders”, and the task “Strengthening the impact of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies in the interfaces Research-Society, Research-Market, Research-Public Services”.


    GUF is, furthermore, a contributing partner in most other tasks of Dandelion.


    Civitta is the leading independent management consultancy of the Baltics and western CIS region with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. We bridge the gaps that organisations need to overcome in striving to achieve their goals. Our services cover the full span from problem or opportunity identification and action planning to identification of financing solutions and decision implementation support.


    The value of consultancy projects and transactions advised by Civitta exceeds 1 billion Euros. The consultancy portfolio involves more than 1000 clients mainly in the Baltics, CIS, Central- and Western Europe, but also USA and Asia.


    Main role in DANDELION:

    Civitta is the leader of the activities related to the “development of the online collaborative platform”, will actively participates in the “screening & mining of EU-funded inclusive, innovative and reflective societies projects and it will contribute to the implementation of dissemination activities.