Communication Guides


DANDELION´s Communication Guides

Dandelion has launched two exciting new communication guides designed to help researchers improve their communication skills and they are now available to view online and to download.

The interactive guides provide easy-to-follow support for those working in the field of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies (IIRS). They offer examples of best practice, useful tools, tips and recommendations and will greatly enhance the communication efforts of any project working in this field.

Project partners have developed these latest insights and best practices after interaction with external experts and through the analysis of examples of successful dissemination activity in the social science field..

One of the Guides, the “Need to disseminate SSH/IIRS research results? Learn how to reach your target groups”, focuses on providing relevant insight into the dissemination of information to 4 target groups: general public, policy makers, academia and media.

The other Guide, the “Guideline of good practices for dissemination and communication managers”, focuses on providing useful information about how to define and implement a strategic dissemination and communication plan for EU-funded projects. This guide provides valuable support for dissemination and communication managers on how to raise awareness about their work and to better communicate their results.

Both guides are available to view online and are also downloadable for printing purposes. A physical version is also available, which will be distributed at events or upon request.