Factsheets and Policy Briefs

Factsheets and Policy Briefs

DANDELION’s core objective is to highlight and promote the scientific knowledge on the socio-economic challenges European society is facing deriving from EU-funded projects in the field of “Inclusive, Innovative & Reflective Societies” (IIRS) (under both the FP7-SSH and H2020-IIRS programmes).

Over the last year, a number of ‘hot topics’ have been selected and more than 50 EU-funded projects and 80 other relevant information sources (e.g. studies from international organisations and research teams) were reviewed.

The results of the partners analysis are presented in short documents (Policy Briefs) each one focusing on one ‘hot topic’ and outline the key findings and recommendations deriving from EU funded research. In addition, the respective Fact Sheets were developed acting as a ‘trigger’ for further reading (of the PBs) and/or the respective project(s) results.

The topics addressed are the following: 

- The role of Media in framing migration and contributing to migrants’ integration

- Migration and the rise of populist nationalism and social tension

- Citizen’s political participation in the European Union

- Education as a principle pathway for integration of the post-migration generations

- Youth unemployment in EU

- Social Entrepreneurship to Tackle Social Exclusion

- Ageing Population – A demographic challenge for Europe

- Bottom-up and co-creation approaches for smart policy and governance policies

- Labour market in the EU and the rise of socio-economic inequalities

 The Policy Briefs and Fact Sheets are publicly accessible HERE