IIRS Valorisation Methodology

IIRS Valorisation Methodology

DANDELION has developed a multi-sectoral/multi-disciplinary valorisation concept for sustainable inclusive, innovative and reflective societies impact generation. It, moreover, makes also a small step further toward the presentation of an actionable SSH-sensitive assessment model of readiness to deliver impact, which we have called Impact Readiness Level (IRL) flow model.

The IRL model does not measure impact, but instead it examines and raises awareness for the frame conditions and activities which are conducive to impact delivery. In other words, it helps assess maturity and probability to unfold impact, based upon verifiable ‘productive interactions’ among researchers and other societal stakeholders.

In this respect, it may well provide guidance to researchers and funding institutions about what is at place, and what is missing at each stage of the research cycle, in order for research projects to reach out to their stakeholders and maximize their societal value.

This transactional, process-centred approach followed by DANDELION prioritizes societal context-awareness in order to identify key stakeholders in the value-chain of knowledge production and application. Reaching out to stakeholders and engaging them early-on, systematically, and in a sustained way seems to be a necessary, albeit not a sufficient condition toward research valorisation and impact generation.

In the current research political landscape, where SSH research stands under pressure to demonstrate it value with regard to tackling societal challenges, alternative, SSH-sensitive tools to showcase pathways to impact are more needed than ever before.

The ambition of this DANDELION initiative was to build up on concluded and existing initiatives to foster SSH valuation, but also to add its contribution to the ongoing efforts to maximize and demonstrate SSH value for society beyond scientific impact, by kicking off a debate within the research community about advancing and fine-tuning this tool.

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