IIRS Societal Impact

IIRS Societal Impact and best cases

DANDELION has conducted a substantial contribution into the direction of elucidating in a more fine-grained way the ‘workings’ around the activities of engaging stakeholders with the aim of diffusing useful, usable, and factually used research results. This should be a necessary, albeit not always sufficient step for research to get valorised and unfold positive impacts in the specific societal contexts of policy making, civil society, and business.

The following report combines the work conducted in DANDELION on promoting productive interactions among stakeholders, the defined dimensions and criteria for fostering societal impact out of IIRS research and from the analysis and synthesis of the Transfer & Impact questionnaire.

This report analyses 21 projects (concluded and ongoing) from the FP7 SSH and Horizon2020 IIRS programmes, and identifies important patterns and mechanisms in productive interactions with external stakeholders. These, in turn, are expected to be key in fostering positive impacts.



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