DANDELION at Evidence and Policy Summer School (Slovakia)

DANDELION at Evidence and Policy Summer School (Slovakia)

DANDELION at Evidence and Policy Summer School (Slovakia)


DANDELION’s partner Civitta Estonia is in the event Evidence and Policy Summer School in Senec, Slovakia (6-8 September 2017).  Learn the key outcomes.

Mr. Pawel Busiakiewicz, Head of Unit of Knowledge Hub for Migration and Security, gave good advice to researchers on how to advise policy makers:

- TIME CONSTRAINTS – policy makers need data and advice on pressing issues quickly

- BE REALISTIC – propose realistic goals that policy makers are able to transform into policy measures

- FOCUSED – there is often no time or need to check all angles of the problem

- KNOW THE PROBLEM – make sure you address the real problem that the policy makers have

- SIMPLICITY – keep it simple and clear

- SHORT TIME SOLUTIONS – propose also short time solutions, for 2-3 years 

Sir Peter Gluckman, Chairman of INGSA (International Network for Government Science Advice) and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, gave also a short lecture about using evidence in policy making. Accrording to Mr Gluckman:

- Policy making is rarely determined by evidence, but policy can be and should be informed by evidence.

- Policy makers see evidence as one of a number of inputs. How important is the role of science in the political desicion making is often determined by the work of a broker, e.g. a science advisor, science communicator, etc.