EU@Work Social Game

EU@Work Social Game

EU@Work Social Game

The latest social game of DANDELION, "EU@Work", has been designed and developed, in collaboration with the H2020-IIRS EU-funded projects Negotiate and EXCEPT, to test the knowledge and to increase awareness on EU Citizens perception about the work challenge faced by European Society.

Through a series of questions, the game will teach more about youth unemployment in Europe, revealing some surprising statistics and providing further reading about the subject.

The game proposes an innovative way to convey contents (based on research projects and official EC reports) addressing societal challenges unemployment, to the large public and to the young generations (from teen-agers up) and, in the meantime, to shorten the gap among (often wrong) perception and reality.

EU@Work social game

The game is designed with a series of questions composed by text, images or graphics, with a set of predefined answers to choose from. Then the game displays the correct answers with a summary of the research or project from which the data was extracted, and the access to the actual sources.

The game can be played in all devices (desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TV) with an HTML5 compatible browser and an internet connection.

Click HERE and try the game!